Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ok ok... so really... this time... im back!

Like i said.... Im really back this time. I have had a extremely busy last two months... I cannot even begin to tell you what i have been doing haha. I can say it involved a lot of day job and a lot of school and a lot of different living arrangements. Now i feel like life can and will settle down ... or at least for the time being. Any who I have made a tone of new things since i last blogged to see them just head on over to www.funkeyjunk.etsy.com and give it a look see. However I will share with you now two things i made last night.

This first one is a Mirror and vase set. A great accent to your home.

The next one is a gorgeous vase who got its birth from the colors of my friends wedding. I think the 3 colors are very lovely to look at!

Well I Would like to announce some great news for Funk(E)y Junk Design's . We are expanding our talents to other things such as Cakes, baked goods, as well as gift sets and edible arrangements. We will still be doing the great home decor and jewelry and other things we do, we just feel its a great time to expand. I also say " WE" because if you know me in person you know i have added a person to the team. My Mother in law is now a part of FJD as well as some collaborations to be announced soon.

We are also doing a craft festival in September on the 25th in Lebanon Ohio. This is called the Apple festive Google it and find their site and see us there!

Thats all for Now.... I promise not to go running away again like last time!

Love you all!