Monday, July 27, 2009

Random thought!

... When bad things happen to you do they always have to happen to you in multiple ways....

and when you lose something how comes you lose several more things in the process of losing the one thing..

and... WHY does our government system make it so damn hard to get things back and have a habit of taking more away then what they should have...

Just curious!.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun little things!

Well i had a nice and easy day at work and was able to come home to my laptop and sit and look forward to having the day off tomorrow! While sitting down at my desk i found these wonderful sellers! All under $10


TictacDough- Makes wonderful home made play dough for you... or your children! Each tube is $5- BARGEN!

SunriseBeadedJewelry -

This fab find is from a draling shop called SunrisebeadedJewelry. $Only 8.95



Super light switch. It would go good with Any Wall. These are only $3.50


Since i found so many wonderful items for under 10 i am going to do several more bargain blogs... check back for a post from Big momma love kicken it roadside in the 18 wheeler about good and ... not so good places to go to while on the road!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

wonderful words

Aw my first posting! well lets see I suppose it would be a good idea to tell a little about my self,

My name is Jess i run Funk(E)y Junk Designs and i am a interior designer in the " real world" . I own 2 ferrets whom i LOVE they are amazing animals! hum i think i just may have ran out of things to say about my self ... however this is OK! I have Plenty of other things to get into!

This blog is going to try to dig and find the most funky, crazy, coolest, things you could ever think of seeing or even wearing on and off the web! this includes: Music, craft, events, places to stay, places... not to stay, and Fabulous random things i may encounter throughout the day! however i may be very focused on my fellow ETSYANS! - The wonderful crafters of the world telling you to... BUY HANDMADE... because it really is... the only way :D. TO get things started off i will be posting the most crazy pieces of jewelry i personal have made.


Etsy lovin: To see more of the things below go to