Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mailing list... :)

After a long hiatus from the internet ( Except for my funk(E)y Junk website) I am finally ready to come back 100% on the blog! I do apologize to any readers who were suddenly cut off from the funkey wonderfulness.

I was doing shop of the week things on my blog and i do intend on keeping that going. Expect a BRAND NEW Shop of the week interview in the next week.

I have started a e-mailing list for FJD. With this you can receive:

special offers
Birthday coupons/Birthday freebie!
Custom order specials
and even free Home decor!!!!

Just send the text below to Fj_designs@hotmail.com with subject line " Mailing list "

Fav. Colors:
Most needed home decor item:
What space in your home do you feel needs the most help:

Thats all for now! Hope you all have a great night and a great Day of thanks! Gobble Gobble!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ok ok... so really... this time... im back!

Like i said.... Im really back this time. I have had a extremely busy last two months... I cannot even begin to tell you what i have been doing haha. I can say it involved a lot of day job and a lot of school and a lot of different living arrangements. Now i feel like life can and will settle down ... or at least for the time being. Any who I have made a tone of new things since i last blogged to see them just head on over to www.funkeyjunk.etsy.com and give it a look see. However I will share with you now two things i made last night.

This first one is a Mirror and vase set. A great accent to your home.

The next one is a gorgeous vase who got its birth from the colors of my friends wedding. I think the 3 colors are very lovely to look at!

Well I Would like to announce some great news for Funk(E)y Junk Design's . We are expanding our talents to other things such as Cakes, baked goods, as well as gift sets and edible arrangements. We will still be doing the great home decor and jewelry and other things we do, we just feel its a great time to expand. I also say " WE" because if you know me in person you know i have added a person to the team. My Mother in law is now a part of FJD as well as some collaborations to be announced soon.

We are also doing a craft festival in September on the 25th in Lebanon Ohio. This is called the Apple festive Google it and find their site and see us there!

Thats all for Now.... I promise not to go running away again like last time!

Love you all!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh boy! I would like to say im sorry for taking that small break! I do really enjoy bloging and doing this. I just had 4 mini crisis that needed tending to! Alas .... i am back though.

With my return i have some new things that need to be talked about.

One of these things is the new Funk(E)y Junk Designs Ezine. I will be doing a monthly Magazine that will have all the shops of the week in it along with different things going on in the world of crafts and designs. I will be adding things such as craft fairs around the world and anything that you as a reader feel would be a great read.

I also would love to have a spot in it for shop sales. So if your having a sale next month and you want your sale to be featured.... send me a message at Fj_designs@hotmail.com and i will work you in!

I also plan on having how to's on different things as well!

Along with this i am (Really this time) going to start up my Birthday club..... SO IF YOU WANT FREE STUFF OR DISCOUNTS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY..... SEND ME A E-MAIL!!! :)

I will restart the SOTW Tomorrow at least the poll part and hope to have the last interview here soon!

OK now that the new news is up and readable lets move on to my new items!
These are the first two items in my Refurbished Home Goods line. I plan on making many more things like these so keep an eye out! I have a coat rack that is soon to be put up tonight!

I also have in the works hanging Orbs.

For this weeks SOTW comments I want to hear what you want to be in the FJ Ezine and or what you think of the new items.

Thanks for sticking around guys!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need a little blog break :(

OK... I HAVE to take a blog break for a couple days maybe a week! I will have the new SOTW winner posted here soon! I am a little overwhelmed with some life issues at this moment. I will try to get back to this in a couple days! FOR NOW- If you want to be SOTW... go to the post below and add your shop address as well as a comment about the lovely sotw!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


BIG sorry! I have been incredibly busy here lately and slacked off in my bloging! Here is the newest shop of the week! Make sure to visit their shop!!!!


I was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, dropped out of preschool and decided to learn piano instead. Went back to formal education for K-12, then even went to university in Toronto, Ontario, for a degree in psychology. Didn't do me much good on the crafting circuit, but it did land me a job working with autistic adults, which was fantastic. And then I met a boy, and followed him across the country, winding up in Dundas, Ontario, where I am now. We got married last year, after he proposed at the top of Blackcomb Mountain (that's part of Whistler Resort) and I said something along the lines of "Of course you idiot!". I miss my family, the ocean, and REAL mountains, but this works fine too. I've lived in Japan and Europe, have visited 15 or so countries, and am planning a trip to New Zealand within the next couple years. When I'm not working or crafting, I'm snowboarding or mountain biking, or dreaming about snowboarding and mountain biking. People get sick of hearing me talk about snowboarding and mountain biking. I think I have a problem.

I've always been creative, and I'm pretty sure I never had a choice in that creativity... Something about that nature/nurture debate.

1. Where do you get your inspiration from? My deranged mind?? Really, it all stems from boredom. I'll be working on one thing and thinking "I wonder if I could do this with it..." and give it a shot, and usually it works out! Lately I've been crocheting a lot of flowers, because it's spring and I love colour. I do occasionally browse around through Etsy to see what the other crocheters are up to, and sometimes I'll see something I really like, and try it out for myself. I don't work off patterns though, so sometimes conceptualizing something and having it actually work in real life are two very different things!

2. What is your age: 26

3. What is your shop(S) name: Hatt Street (www.HattStreet.etsy.com)

4. Do you only sell on etsy or do you go to craft shows as well? So far, only on Etsy, but I plan to try out the craft circuit this fall.

5. Is there an item you have made that has significant meaning to you and why? Not super significant, but since April is cancer awareness month in Canada, I've been making a lot of daffodils. The Canadian Cancer Society sells daffodils throughout April to raise funds and awareness, and the daffodil is their logo. I am donating $1 from every sale through the month of April to cancer research, and any daffodil items sold double the donation. I don't know anyone that hasn't been affected by cancer in some way, so I feel like it's something we can all relate to. So, my daffodil pieces are the most significant things in my shop.

6. How did you first get the idea to make what you are now? I think it had something to do with snowboarding... It was a long time ago! I needed some toques to keep my head warm in the snow, and since I already knew how to crochet, I figured I'd save myself some money and make my own (plus the ones in the stores way back when were boring!). My dad taught me the basics, and I took it from there. My mum knits, so she had lots of wool to supply me with. One thing led to another, and here I am.

7. Do you ever change your “craft style”? Example jewelry to ceramics? I went from toques to jewelry, cloths, oven mitts, and cases, but I've stuck with crocheting for my Etsy shop. In my non-Etsy time though, I decorate cakes for fun, and occasionally sew. I've done a lot of beadwork in the past, and pottery, and even did a bit of basketry way back when. My whole family is pretty crafty, so I've grown up with the DIY mentality. I've tried visual art, but I'm pathetic with pen and paper, so photography is the end of the road in that medium for me! When I was living in Japan, I tried ikebana, which is their traditional flower arranging. It was a lot of fun, but I was nowhere near as good as the rest of the class!

8. How do you feel about buying and selling handmade items? Love it. I get such a sense of accomplishment when I create something that other people like too... I know how much work goes into handmade stuff, and I'll buy handmade whenever I can. I could go on about mass produced cookie cutter big box chains, but it's nothing new. Handmade gets you originality and quality, and that's always a good thing!

9. What is your favorite material to work with? Acrylic wool. It comes in such beautiful colours and it's really easy to work with.

10. How long have you been in your craft? Oh geez, at least ten years... Though I know my mum taught me to knit as soon as I could hold a needle in each hand! Unfortunately for her, knitting just never clicked with me, and I think she's had to teach me about 20 times. It still hasn't stuck! My dad and gramma taught me how to crochet, and I never looked back. Sorry mum!

11. What is one message you would like to get out to the world about what you do? Have fun with your accessories, and don't be afraid of colour! Handmade to me means everything is completely unique and made with care. I enjoy what I do, and want to share that with everyone.

12. Do you have a “day job” and if you do… what is it? Yep, I'm a personaly support worker for adults with physical disabilities. It's an extremely rewarding career path, and I've met some amazing individuals.

13. How has your work developed throughout the years? My work has gotten more diverse, and I'm not afraid to take risks with colour, texture, or form.

14. Did you ever feel like giving up before you got to where you are today? Heh I think I did give up a bit after Christmas! I had a tonne of custom orders and I was just exhausted. Etsy fell by the wayside, and I flat out refused to crochet for almost a month! But no, didn't want to give up, just take a break. I think as long as I can keep challenging myself by attempting new items, I'll be just fine.

15. How do you feel when people interpret your work differently than you? I'm not sure how differently people can interpret a toque, but I do sometimes get concerned when people insist on wearing my toques backwards! Then again, I'm probably the only one who knows it's backwards... I started attaching tags at the back both to show that they're Hatt Street toques, and to show the back of the toque!

16. What advice do you have for aspiring artists? Do what you love, love what you do. Realize that not everyone sees the world the same way you do, so not everyone will love your work as much as you do. If it makes you happy, that's all that matters. Of course, it helps when people love your work so much they'll pay for it, but it's not the end of the world if they don't!

17. Who first inspired you to begin crafting? Really, my whole family has played a part in my crafting... My parents are both fibre crafters: my mum knits and my dad crochets. My sister is an amazing artist, and I've always been a bit (ok, a lot) jealous of her talent... The things she can do with a couple acrylics and some canvas... I have a whole wall of my place dedicated to her art! Two of my mum's sisters are artists too, and the other sisters don't get off the hook either, everyone in the family crafts in some shape or form! My grandma's a writer, and my grandpa can make anything out of scraps of wood. I still remember when my aunt would come visit, she would bring a new craft for all of us to try. I'm pretty sure I had no choice in becoming a crafter...

18. Do you have a space for your work area or do you craft anywhere? I have wool everywhere... It probably really annoys my husband, but he's good enough not to say anything! I mostly create in the living room while I'm watching TV... At that point it's basically just background noise and it makes commercials so much more bearable! Plus, it's the biggest room in the place, so I have lots of area to spread out in. I also take my wool bag to work so that I can get some stuff made if I have any down time.

19. What are your favorite childhood memory involving arts? Whoops, I guess I kind of answered this already! My aunt coming to visit with a new craft every time! I also remember her teaching me how to make zippered pillow shams.

20. Do you feel accomplished when you finish creating? Absolutely. When I can sit back and look at the finished product, I always feel like I've gotten something done. I have a tough time sitting still, so if I can get something done I'm happy.

21. Does your personal style (living space clothing ect…) reflect anything you make?Definitely. I love snowboarding, and I couldn't be happier that snowboard style is all about bright colours these days! I love wearing hats, and I love colour, so put two and two together, and you get my toques.

22. Do you use your own products for things? Of course. I was trying out a new style of toque last month, and liked the end product so much that I kept it for myself to use!

23. Do you like custom orders? Love them. I love taking someone else's ideas, and putting them together into something that expresses their style in my own medium. I'd say probably 80% of my business is custom orders, and I'm completely happy with that!

24. Do you have any sales coming up? I have one going on right now, actually. I'm offering $10 off all my winter stock, which works out to about 40% off! Plus, I'm donating $1 from every sale through the month of April (including winter sale merchandise) to cancer research.

25. What are your favorite shops on Etsy?
and so many more! Etsy is such a fantastic community, and full of so many talented artists.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello new week... Hello new adventures

Hello everyone!

As you all know it is that time again... Switching the blog into a new week. I know i always say this but... im very ready to have a nice simple no hassle or issues at work week ( or month!) Anyway i would like to coagulate HattStreet for winning the poll this week Expect a super interview from her this week!

I would again like to thank our last weeks SOTW for being such a fantastic shop as well as person behind the shop! She is a very amazing person whom i hope you keep checking back to!
Here is her link again


This week in Funk(E)y Junk land i have made a couple new things:

This tooth fairy jar

When i was little my mom made me a tooth fairy jar to put my teeth in. Im pretty sure this is very easy for the tooth fairy to get into when the children are light sleepers .

I also have made this Candle holder
as well as this vase.

I have decided to expand Funk(E)y Junk into two new levels. One would be a interior design service and the second will be a refurbished furniture division. I have started a napkin rack i will be posting soon.

I currently have in the works a new home goods item that i hope to have done tonight! So keep an eye out for it :D ....

But my day needs to get started... so i will see you all lovely bloggers later!


Friday, April 16, 2010

SOTW ChezEury

What's your name?

My name is Maggie and many people know me as Eury or Eurydiceas that has been my nick online for the last 7 years at least, hence
the name of my shop ChezEury, It's French for Eury's place.

Where do you live?

I live in the province of Quebec, Canada in a small town where about 95% of the population speaks French.

So you live in Canada, but I see you ship from the US. how is that?

I collaborate with a artist friend (Zee) that I know from many years ago when we were both admins at the same site (Worth1000.com). He lives
in Georgia and does archival quality printing and mats and mounts all my work in acid-free professional art papers, pigmented inks and museum
quality mats mounting them all using exceptional materials. I trust him as he's a perfectionist and I want people to be proud of anything they buy from me, and I want those
pieces to last a lifetime. (at least ):-)

What do you offer in your shop?

I offer both Fantasy art prints (fairies, mermaids etc., ) and fine art photography.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

For my fantasy art pieces, I'm often inspired by the seasons and by nature and by day and night I guess just about anything can be an inspiration. I like to
create a magical little person that feels like she's telling the world, spring is here. Or perhaps she's curled up in a leaf in the fall. I have always loved butterflies and dragonflies
and ideas just come to me and I try to bring them to life. I love detail, so when people look, they often find little touches of detail that just make the pieces
that more enjoyable to do. They are usually my last touches and always helps me feel
like a piece is truly complete.

As for photography, I have 2 ways of working. I sometimes do concepts, so have an idea and play around with objects to try to tell some sort of story.

I also love odd weather, so not as tempted to go out and shoot during nice sunshine as I am when there is fog (oh, I love fog) or when there is frost and ice on the
branches of trees etc. I don't really like to go out in freezing weather, as my hands are sensitive to the cold and hurt but I always come back pleased that I did. A good rule,
when most people think it's a good time to stay at home cause the weather is not so great.. probably a good time to go out and shoot. Those images always have such beautiful mood.

As I mentioned with my art pieces, I love details and often when walking around to take pictures, my eyes often focus on those and not the general picture.. so you will find many of my photographs showing something simple, like a lantern and a flower box left outside someone's door. I'm also very inspired by benches, bikes, chairs...
objects that make me wonder about the people that sat on them.

Do you have more shops than just at Etsy and what are they?

My etsy shop is called Chez Eury

I also have a shop that I just opened the other day with edgier photos for a particular clientele. I have a series of beautiful
cemetery pictures and tombstones etc., that I would like to share but thought they might not work well with the images on my ChezEury shop.

You can find these pieces on Photos From the Edge:

I have artwork on Zibbet

Any art that you have created that has a particular significance to you?

Yes, much of my art has a meaning to me. I attribute life analogies towards certain pieces. I also believe that we create to say what we cannot say with
words. I have a certain abstract piece I did that really expressed what I was going through as a woman trying to be exactly the person I was and not whom
I was expected to be. The piece is called Woman unfolding, and was a self-portrait.

What gave you the idea to do the type of art that you do now.

For my art pieces, I've always drawn since I was young and have almost always included people in my art pieces. For a period of time I did abstract pieces, but still if you
look at them, you will always find the human form in them. I couldn't get away from adding that in my work. I always wanted to draw and paint, but wasn't always inspired
to what to do with the people I put in my art. How could I convey something. Once I did a few pieces where I had taken people and turned them more into a fantasy type setting
it allowed me to be more creative and less stagnant and I really had fun trying to put them in a setting that was magical and fun. I knew I had found my niche.

As for photography, it took a bit of time to get over the fact that a lot of the thing I took pictures of may be considered cliche .. trees, flowers, benches, but they are the
things that I love and want to put on my wall, so maybe my images are not grungy as seems to be the "fad" today. They don't have dirt on them and are not scratched up for effect,
but I need to stay true to myself. I like pretty pictures. Not everyone's cup of tea, but they reflect me and my attitude toward life and nature and a positive lookout. There are
plenty of people out there showing you the crap of life. I'll try to show you the little things that may make you smile, if you only take the time to actually look.

Do you ever change your style.

Oh,sure! i know a lot of artists, and very few stick to only one thing. Part experimentation, part needing to explore who we are and learn about ourselves and part boredom. Since I've
been young, I've done watercolors, oils, acrylics, sculpture, sewing, cooking, photography, illustration, graphic design and even within these different types of art, you can try
many different styles. I think when you are artistic, you just can't help yourself. If you don't create, you die. (maybe not literally, but it's part of your essence)

How do you feel about buying and selling handmade stuff or artwork.

I feel good about it. For many years, I just didn't think I would be good enough for anyone to want anything that i created. You will find many artists doubt themselves but I think
it is a lack of confidence. It is hard to put yourself out there, since what you create is part of you; they are like your children. If people don't like them, you can feel hurt.
When someone buys something from you, it's very exhilarating. Most people don't easily part with their money for non-essentials unless they fall in love with something. Except for the very few,
most people don't buy art for the investment, they buy it cause it speaks to them. It may be that it makes them smile, or makes them sad, but they see something in it, not just
a tree or a bench, but something about themselves. Anaïs Nin said, "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are".

When I buy something for myself (I would love to have loads of money to buy many things that i love) it is because somehow the piece speaks to me. I find the shapes beautiful,
or it has a gypsy flavor and sometimes it just takes my breath away.

Favorite materials to work with?

For art.. for many years, my favorite was oils on canvas. But since the last couple of years, I've mostly migrated to drawing digitally with a digital pen and tablet. It was not an
easy progression from one to the other, but once I learned the techniques, I found I could allow yourself much more creativity as it lets you explore much more.
I normally work mostly In Corel Painter and do the last few cleaning- up touches in Photoshop.

For photography, my tools are quite simple. My Canon 40D, my lenses, slingback case and when in luck, great light!

How long have you been doing your art and photography.

I don't remember ever not drawing but the first time I took up a paintbrush I was about 15 (?). I drew an Eskimo girl with a fur hood. Someone in the family still has that. :-D. As you can see, even back
then I drew people. Funny, I just realized how when I was in my teens, I would draw and hide the hands in pockets or behind their backs as I was too afraid to draw them, for fear they would look like
scrawly chicken feet. Now it's one of the things I enjoy the most.

I started doing photography about 7 years ago when I joined http://Worth1000.com . I didn't have a camera when I joined and was there to do photo manipulations
and found the photography section and people were so giving and generous of their talents, I went out and got a camera and started.
I fell in love the first day I took pictures. Even though they were not fabulous, I still remember those first shots and how I was affected when I realized I could do that. That it was something
that I could really come to enjoy and keep doing for the rest of my life. I went on to be the photography admin there for several years. It brought me much joy and was very fulfilling.

What message do you want to get out to the world about what you do?

The message I think is that I do what I do because I have no other choice. If you are a clerk and you hate it you can become a doctor or a mechanic or whatever you want. I'm an artist.
It's part of who I am. I cannot be anything else. I need to create, period. Anyone that is out there that creates, understands what I'm saying. As for a message besides about who I am? The message
would be to see the positive in the world, to to put it back out there. There is beauty all around. Open your eyes to it; don't trash it, treasure it. Fill your life with dreams and fantasy.
Have the courage to give your dreams to the world. You never know what will come back to you; new life, new friends, new love. Your life will expand to the extent of your courage.

Did you ever feel like giving up before getting to where you are today?

I got to say, maybe not giving up, but several moments in my life, I've felt like I was mediocreas an artist. That what I had to say, had little worth. I doubted my talent. I saw and knew people
that I felt had way more talent than me. Sometimes you wonder if it's all worth it. There's a song that I like by a band called "Pain of Salvation" called "Road Salt". In the lyrics, it says:

Maybe it’s not enough
Maybe this time it’s just too much
Maybe I’m not that tough
Maybe this time the road is just too rough
To take me home
But I walk on.

And I guess that's how I am. There are moments when I just feel I can't get better or show who I am through what I do, but I just keep on going. There are rewards along the road and I think it's sort of normal to have certain challenges and struggles along the way. I've had my share of things that have happened to me that hurt and broke my heart and I'm sure I will have more in my life to come; hopefully they will be lessons that will not break my courage to continue. Life and art are intertwined. Mine is anyways.

How do you feel when someone interprets your work differently than you?

Well, as I said earlier, I think we see things as we are, so it is sort of normal that we don't all interpret the same way. If someone likes it, we feel good, if they don't, we can turn around and say, Too bad, this is me! but I think the worst is if they are completely indifferent, cause that can make you feel insignificant.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Be brave and have the courage to take the risk of growing in your art and learning about yourself. When you see the challenges and the struggles ahead, ram into them.
Don't be afraid of becoming hard and insensitive, you will not. You are who you are, you will still be sensitive and artistic, but you will also become strong. Don't
close yourself off with fear of what others will think. You don't have to follow the crowd; you can be you. It's scary, but it is more painful to not evolve than to not take the risk to grow and evolve.

Do you have a space or work area or do you just work anywhere.

For my art, It used to be in a corner of my living room, but lately, it has been right in front of my computer, on my desk with my Wacom pad and pen.

For photography, if I am doing it indoors, mostly my studio is my kitchen counter or sometimes if I need more space, my living room, and then there is all of the outdoors! :-)

What is your favorite childhood memory involving arts.

I have a distinct memory of sitting at the table when I'm about 5, I guess, and my mom is showing me an easy way to draw roses starting with a small swirl in the middle and adding petals around. I have others, but I think this one is the first I can remember my mom actually sitting and drawing with me. I miss her.

Do you feel accomplished when you have finished creating?

The process is usually the most fun, but sometimes when I'm done, I look at my piece and say to myself "Wow, you did that! and that feels really good. :-)

Do you like custom orders.

I have in the past done quite a few portraits for people and sometimes even turned them into fairies or princesses and that is fun. It does present certain artistic restrictions though; most Women tend to not want to be portrayed in the nude and I have several fairies that just couldn't find any clothes in their size! Go figure! :-D It's very fulfilling though when people love how you have depicted them especially in a fantasy setting.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops.

Well, I've not been on etsy a long time, and I mostly favorite pieces that I love instead of shops, but I looked through my favorites and found that several were from the same places.

Not only does this guy do some wonderful and very colorful watercolor pieces, he's become a friend and
we share our etsy experiences.

and I love this guys photography:

This lady had some gorgeous jewelry pieces I saw in a treasury

and since I love dragonflies and such

There are more but these are the first that come to mind.

Do you have a website or blog?

I have a personal website where I display much of my art, but I have been a bit lazy uploading to it lately.

I have an old blog I have revived:
but I intend to do a new art blog, that works better and looks more like me,
where I will focus on showing the actual progress of the pieces I do. This will hopefully be soon.

For photography, I've restarted a project that was on hold and may take
a bit of time but it will be:

Any final words?

I would like to encourage people that are at a point in their lives where they may want to test the waters and see if they can sell their artwork to take the leap. They say that if you do what you love, you will be successful. I'm testing that theory at this very moment in time. ;-)

I can say, however, that I came to a special realization with this poll. When I started on Etsy, I had one sale, then nothing for over a month. I was discouraged. When this poll came out, suddenly people were visiting my shop. And in the few days that the poll ran, I got several sales. Some for more than 1 piece. It was very eye-opening. People's tastes run a wide gamut. The world is a huge place and there is someone out there that likes your style, may even love your work, they just have to find you. Etsy is a big place. There are so many sellers, that sometimes we can feel like we are just a needle in a haystack. That doesn't mean your work is no good, or invalid. It may just means, that nobody has had a chance to see your art. If a door opens and allows you to showcase your work, such as this poll and winning Shop of the Week has done for me, take the opportunity! Don't be afraid, fly little bird, fly! :-)

Thanks, Jess for giving me this opportunity to show off my art and to let people know a little bit about
the person behind the artwork.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just incase .... Im to busy tommarow

( <--- Gotta love GREAT days outside!!!)

I would like to thank ARTSOFAMY for giving me a sunshine award! Thanks so much ! This defiantly made me smile today!

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.

The rules for accepting this award are:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.
Link the nominees within your post.
Let the nominees know they have received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
Share the love and link to the person whom you have received this award.

Thank you ladies for inspiring me with your blog and your creativity!

I would of coarse like to give one back to my shop features.... They not only took the time to get votes and support this blog... but most of them helped me out in some way via promotion or being super duper awesome!

Domestic Icing
Zoey Catherin

As i am very new to the blogging world... i only have 6 people to give this to.... I WILL give it to 7 more as the time rolls on!

Thanks for being so super guys!

I would also like to introduce my newest creation.... just in time for some great weather.... I am working on making a bunch in many different colors for all of your favorite colors.
Hope you all like them!

Well... This busy girl is off to bed!!!

Goodnight pretty people!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blue skys and cake!

Hello my wonderful readers!.... So i know im well... 3 days behind n fixing my blog! ... Sorry!!!

My wonderful car has been giving me some major trouble as well as a bunch of school work and work its self! BUT.... im fixing it today!

The new poll is up with the new set of shops! I would love for you all to vote and tell me what you think of them in the comment section!..

I also have changed the different cool items that are located on the rite hand side of my blog. Make sure to visit their shops as well!!!

Watch out for her interview coming up soon!

And now for a little update on My Funk(E)y Junk shop.....

I have started a new website however it is still under construction and i will release the link later on!

I am also starting a birthday club. When you join the birthday club You will get little special gifts from me as well as coupons and other fun things!

to enter the Birthday club send an e-mail to Fj_designs@hotmail.com with your name birthday e-mail and address (optional) for fun free samples i may send out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

SOTW Winner Arts Of Amy

I would love for you all to meet Arts of amy :

1.Where do you get your inspiration from?
Imagination and Nonsense!
I adore Fairytales and imagination echo’s in most things I create!
Alice in Wonderland is my all time Favorite story; I love the curious characters and share madness of the whole thing!

2. What is your shop(S) name:

3. Do you only sell on etsy or do you go to craft shows as well?
I would love to get into craft shows but at the moment I’m concentrating on promoting my Etsy store and trying to get that up and running, it seems like a full time job at the moment!!!

4. Is there an item you have made that has significant meaning to you and why?
All my items are formed from my Original Artwork which is created with Love and Whimsy so in a way they are all significant to me.

5. How do you feel about buying and selling handmade items?
I love it! Handmade items tend to have more originality and they are more likely to be made from the heart!

6. What is your favorite material to work with?
I am a Painter first and foremost, I work mainly with Acrylics but I love to work with mixed media every now and then, it’s a fun change!

7. How long have you been in your craft?
I am quite new to crafting! I started creating bits and pieces using my artwork last year as gifts and such and quite enjoyed it so thought I would branch out and give Etsy ago after seeing all the wonderful items others had created!

8. Do you have a “day job” and if you do… what is it?
I am currently studying full time for a Diploma in Arts and Creativity. I paint and create when ever I get the time and have had, and currently have, many pieces in exhibitions all across the country.
I hope to one day make Art/Painting my career.

9. Did you ever feel like giving up before you got to where you are today?
Always. It’s a VERY hard market to be in and I often have doubts in myself but I have a wonderfully supportive partner who always reminds me how far I have come and gives me motivation when I need it the most.
Art is what I love and I think there is nothing better than doing what you love to do, I’m just lucky enough to have a partner who keeps me going!

10. Do you feel accomplished when you finish creating?
Always… when it turns out right!

11. Do you use your own products for things?
All my paper goods are hand-made, each piece is my own design and features my Original Artworks!

12. Do you have any sales coming up?
Become a Blog Follower and receive FREE SHIPPING on ANY item in my store throughout April! Just go to www.artofamy.blogspot.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh what wonderful sunny days!

Oh wow it has been really nice out today! Last night.... another story I had thunder so loud it actually shook my apartment really bad! But anywho.... Today was a great day in general!.... I had a full day of stuff planned ( Sorry for not being able to come in to work terry! :( Next time !!!) My wonderful man James had a LONG appointment in the morning at 10. After that crazyness we got home and ate a fabulous lunch and then it was time to.... FINALLY FIX MY BREAKS! Im not the kind of girl who will just take her car to a shop and have them do it ( if you are its cool.... its just cheaper to do it yourself! 68 dollars vs.... 200) I had not fixed breaks in a car in like 5 years and today was a great refresher.... I think we spent ahaha! Good times! total of 2 hours outside fixing the breaks.... mind you it was like an hr and 1.2 on the first one because we couldn't remember what to do lol and the 2nd one a half hr! Poor me forgot to put on sun screen and now the sun gods are mad at me and burned my back! Oh well... I will heal! I feel very accomplished after that.... BUT my battery is dead LOL soooo it was kind of pointless

So after a long long attempt to make a Super creepy doll.... i have succeeded. Her name is Lucinda- The homecomming queen who died in a limo with her boyfriend before the dance. A lot of my friends think shes super adorable! I do well... because im her mommie! :D and mommies love their children haha!

I think i may indeed make more dolls and perfect my doll skills! What do you all think?

Today i revived a very wonderful email from one of the SOTW poll shops. I love knowing that my poll could bring you all sales! She informed me that she has gotten 3 sales all together from the promotion of her shop! This kind of thing is great to hear! Makes me very happy about my shops in the polls as well as justify s what i am doing! Thank you so much ChezEury for letting me know your wonderful successes!

This easter i held an Easter Egg hunt for my fellow Etsy's and friends .... I placed coads such as (222234) around my blog/twitter/etsy/and FB fanpage. Some were easy to find and others... not so easy in fact quite hard to find! Out of the players that took advantage of this game i have found the winner..... Lindi Harden! She will receive a Vase made to her liking! ( Oh gotta love custom!)

Well that is all for now my littler bloggers!

<5 Jes

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Oh its that time again. Where i change my photos on my blog Announce the SOTW winner and start a new poll!
It has been really hard to get people rounded up for this poll. HOWEVER... I GOT THEM and the list is


I Would also love to announce the new shop of the week ARTSOFAMY! Congrats love! i will have a SOTW post up asap!
Lets all give them some vote love!!!

So for my side bars i have set the theme this week for " monsters " And i think i found some pretty rad shops that convey this! Make sure to go check them out!

I have spent today Reorganizing my office and started making a doll. It took me about 3 days to get the head just the way i wanted ( Still dosent look how i want it to.. but.... First doll... its ok :) )

It looks a little strange now but im going to paint it and hopefully it will turn out fabulous.

I really hate to cut this short... But i have to be at work at 6 am tomorrow So i will be a better blogger tomorrow after school!

Goodnight and happy Easter!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I would love for you all to meet our first SOTW winner who's shop is EGG-

TASTIC! Yes you did hear me correctly! Her shop is nothing but EGGS bringing the phrase " The incredibl

e edible egg" to a more super term.

Meet TEENER ----->





Christine Luschas – for Facebook J

1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I normally get inspiration from anything. I’ll take pictures of random things. My friends will tell you that while studying abroad in Rome, I took pictures of floor tiles in cathedrals JUST for egg design ideas! I’ll look at geometric designs and find a way to transfer them onto an egg. It’s more fun to get art from the real world, gives you almost a story for each piece.

2. What is your


23… 24 June 26th!
3. What is your shop(S) name:

European Girl's Crafts and Egg Art Shop!
4. Do you only sell on etsy or do you go to craft shows as well

I started out selling my eggs at craft shows years ago. Specifically Lithuanian and other European craft shows. My mom and sister were selling straw ornaments, and said I should demonstrate etching eggs for people as an informative thing. Then people starting asking if they could buy the eggs I was making. I was so excited I started selling right there. I started on etsy a little over a month ago. I wasn’t sure if there would be any interest for scratched eggs but thought I’d give it a shot. After my first sale I got that rush of excitement I felt when selling at festivals, and started making m

ore and more eggs to post on the site.

5. Is there an item you have made that has significant meaning to you and


Many of the eggs I create have a special meaning to me. Whenever I make a new design I feel a sense of accomplishment that makes me sad while also extremely happy when it sells. Most of the time when I make something totally different and it looks great, I have a hard time parting with the item.

6. How did you first get the idea to make what you are now

I have to give the credit to my mom. When I was about 14 she thought we should try some Lithuanian Easter crafts to get more in touch with our heritage. She never scratched eggs before but she had seen nuns do it when she was young and knew the concept. She got us the tools and we all tried our hand at it. And believe it or not I was the worst! After time and through LOADS of determination I began to get better at the craft, and now I am the only person in the family to scratches eggs.

7. Do you ever change your “craft style”? Exa

mple jewelry to ceramics?

Well I do several different crafts. I cross-stitch, knit, crochet, scherenschnitte, paint, draw, and so much more. While all these crafts are of interest to me, I explore my egg craft more than any of them mainly because not many people do it. I love showing people that aside of Pysanky there are other great egg crafts from Europe. I try to get the word out on how I create the designs and etch and hope others will try their hand at it. While some people still do the craft, not many know about it. It is more of a family affair, not publicized very often.

8. How do you feel about buying and selling handmade items

I LOVE the idea of buying and selling handmade items. If you ever saw the house I grew up in you wouldn’t be surprised. My mom has a deep love for colonial décor and antiques. Through that love came a love for crafts and things handmade. That love rubbed off on me as well as my other two sisters. While I craft with eggs and other things, my eldest sister Mary makes amazing scrapbooks (http://www.piecesofhomedesigns.blogspot.com/). My middle sister makes Lithuanian straw ornaments and sells them in the festivals as well.

I feel buying and selling handmade items connects people together as well as creates a stronger appreciation for the items made when purchased. There is a story with every item. People have to ability to appreciate the time and effort

someone puts into a handcrafted item. The time I put into an egg is special to me, and I hope that people who admire and buy them feel the care I put into each one.

9. What is your favorite material to work with?

Well materials don’t really change much when It comes to egg etching, but the best part of the process of etching is the shading. Using a simple dollarstore box-cutter to shade petals on an egg is that time when the design stops being a design and takes on some life and character. Knowing that a simple and cheap tool such as a box-cutter has the ability to make something turn into a work of art is fascinating to me.

10. How long have you been in your craft?

I believe I started etching eggs when I was 13. I wasn’t very good… In fact I was terrible! Every year I improved more, changed my technique and got bolder with designs. I started out basically copying designs of eggs my mom owned. Over time I started drawing my own during class in high school and college. Now I have a binder full of ideas and pictures of past eggs to remember and duplicate.

11. What is one message you would like to get out to the world about what you do?

This is another craft, separate from Pysanky. There is no wax involved or paint. It is a simple simple process of dying a hollow egg and then taking a blade to etch away the dye, making a two color work of art. Many European countries use this technique, including my heritage of Lithuania. I spent a lot of time working on creating eggs and finding new ways to present and get people interested in this dying art. Most people forget about other egg crafts outside of the colorful Psyanky, which I have loads of respect for.

The great thing about this craft is its simplicity. In its more muted state of only one color with white, shows an appreciation for the design, and the technique.

12. Do you have a “day job” and if you do… what is it?

My “day job” is a law student in Pittsb

urgh, PA. I am finishing up my second year as a day student, and am currently looking for a summer job. I am interested in family law, and hope to become a family law lawyer. As a student egg etching is only a small portion of my life. I spend most of my time reading and study for classes. I use crafting as a stress reliever from reading and other school activities.

Sometimes I want cr

afting to be my day job, and I think etsy is a way for me to further explore that idea. Promoting, creating, and further working with my shop and eggs is a way for me to feel out what it would be like to own my own shop and handle the responsibilities of it. So far I’m still a student trying to make it in the legal world, but who knows, maybe I can quit my “day job”

some day! J

13. How has your work developed throughout the years?

Originally I did eggs the traditional way, hardboiled in onion skins to give them a rich amber color. The true Lithuanian way is to keep the egg inside the shell. However, after time I got tired of the one color and the fact that hardboiled eggs over time have a tendency to break more easily (and smell terrible). I decided to try hollowing out the egg and dying them different colors. After figuring out how to keep a hollow egg under water I started etching colored eggs!

That was my main change, from hardboiled and brown to hollow and colorful!

Also after time I started buying larger and smaller eggs. I thought a variety of sizes looked wonderful grouped together. I started buying goose and duck eggs online along with game bird eggs and turkey. The different sizes and shapes made for such a great variety of styles and designs!

14. Did you ever feel like giving up bef

ore you got to where you are today?

YES! And I did! My first egg was horrendous! I mean…. It was bad…. All I had on it was a huge Heart and the number “4” and the letter “u.” Even after my mom tried to tell me it was cute, I said I quit, etching eggs is stupid and I’m never going to do them again. And it was true, at least for a year. Later I thought, “hey… I can do this, and I’m going to try again.” This time I huddled over this brown egg and started etching. I wouldn’t let anyone see it. Finally when I was down, I looked down at a completed, and might I say, not too shabby etched egg.

I realized that giving up at something you’re so new and inexperienced at made no sense. I worked from then on trying to outdo any egg I did before. Even today I don’t show people my egg until it’s finished unless asked. I like the element of surprise on people’s faces.

15. How do you feel when people interpret your work differently than you?

Well I know art is subjective, and I have no problem with anyone thinking something different than I did when creating an egg. My only problem is people telling me that I’m doing pysanky and I’m misrepresenting it. The problem with many European crafts is several countries engage in them and call them their own. I’m Lithuanian, but other countries including Poland and Ukraine also etch eggs. However, it is not pysanky, which is a totally different techniq

ue using wax and several dyes.

Other than the frequent mis-categorizing of techniques, I welcome people seeing different messaging and symbolism is the egg designs themselves.

16. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

DON’T GIVE UP!!! From not being fantastic from the beginning to not selling items fast at the start, there are so many temptations to quit. I find myself thinking about it even now in areas of my life, just because I don’t see results quickly. Doing something different and not well known is a great thing to have in your life, it gives you something unique about yourself. Even working in a genre of crafts or art or anything that more people are also working in gives to an opportunity to set yourself apart. It takes time, something I have been told countless times and am JUST beginning to embrace.

I feel that the release every person gets in working on art, whether it be egg etching, jewelry, painting, or anything, is something that should be developed for countless reasons. It gives both you and others something exciting. You have the ability to see yourself progress and others are given the chance to have something completely different and unique to enjoy!

17. Who first inspired you to begin crafting?

Like what most people answer for this question…. My mother. She is the guru of crafting. Even when I was little, our basement was the “craft area.” She always had a project going on, from herbs ornaments, to beaded Christmas balls, to straw art, she was always teaching my sisters and I something new. The great thing about it is, I have this home base of crafting. If I’m stuck on a design or think I ruined an egg beyond repair, I have my mom to go to. What is even better, or worse, depending on your opinion, is she collects egg art. So whenever I make something totally new and wonderful, she is my FIRST customer, grabbing up the egg and telling me to make it again, this one is for her collection. It’s an honor to see my eggs with several others in her cabinet at home.

18. Do you have a space for your work area or do you craft anywhere?

Heh, I mentioned this question to my mom and she said I have numerous craft areas. At home (when I’m not in school) I’m parked in front of the TV on the floor etching on her coffee table. But now that I’m in Pittsburgh in law school, I craft on my living room table. I come home from school, park my stuff in the hallway like most kids did when they were in middle school, and just go to the table to etch one egg. It’s not the most permenant or pretty station for crafting, but it gets the job done. J

19. What are your favorite childhood memory involving arts?

I’ve already mentioned my mom being my major inspiration in crafting, so it’s no surprise my favorite memory involves her. The funny thing is it has nothing to do with egg art. When I was in elementary school, my mom volunteered as an art teacher for our small Catholic school. For Mother’s Day she taught my class to make popsicle fans for our moms. I remember hiding from her making my fan the opposite of her instructions because I didn’t want her to know what she was getting. I was unhappy that she wouldn’t be surprised with her present.

I’m like that even today. The element of surprise is key with anything I do in the arts. I want the person receiving something artistic from me to be excited and ultimately shocked when they get a present from me.

20. Do you feel accomplished when you finish creating?

YES. I absolutely love looking at a completed egg or any completed craft when I finally put the finishing touches on it. Sometimes I get a little sad knowing it’s going to be sold or given away. Most of the time I content myself with taking several pictures of the item telling myself I will recreate it. Sometimes I do, but sometimes, the really special ones remain a one of a kind work of art.

21. What does your personal style (living space clothing ect…) Reflect anything you make?

Heh, well anyone will tell you I’m different. By the pictures I included… I Ithink that’s pretty apparent, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I have anything from cartoon shirt (drawers full if you must know) to tons of hats, and even crazy high heels. I don’t have a set style. I even own fake glasses for the days I want to look studious. If anything, my lack of a style, and embrace of several looks shows that I love change. I love trying new things and new experiences. The fact I do so many different crafts also shows this. No one can pin me down into something specific, and I think that’s the best way to be. You have the ability to try new things without question and you also don’t corner yourself into inevitable boredom!

22. Do you use your own products for things?

Normally yes. I buy eggs at the store, pump them out myself (I eat a lot of scrambled eggs) and dye the eggs at home. Sometimes I will purchase the different type of eggs like goose and duck. However, the entire process is mainly done in my apartment. I love knowing that from beginning to end I have a hand and control over the art.

23. Do you like custom orders?

I love them!!! Custom orders are amazing because people then get involved in the process. From just picking a color and design to even making a design and me working with the person to make the perfect egg they want, the final product is shared. It’s good to know that the custom order will be that much more treasured because they also had a part in its creation. I welcome them anytime them come along!

24. Do you have any sales coming up?

Currently I reduced all my prices for the Easter and Spring Season. I am always adding more eggs to etsy. In addition I am a part of the Lithuanian Day Festival in Frackville, PA. That normally occurs mid-August. Any other sales or festivals I will be at I will post on my own, not entirely mastered or completed, blog (http://lithuanianeggart.blogspot.com/)

25. What are your favorite shops on Etsy?

Wow… that’s a tough one… but here it goes: (not in any particular order)