Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Giveaway!

Hello my lovely friends :)

Every month I'm going to be having a give away...and or several other promotions but as of today I'm sticking with a give away.
How this works:
I have a photo of a necklace and gasp!!! it has no name. How can this be! your job is to name the necklace!

now for the rules... i know... lame huh

I need the name to be something with an (E) in it even if the (E) dosen't really belong in the word.
for example: Candy- Cand(E)y
and name should be fun :)
Ok now lets get to naming!!!
oh yeah ... the important part...

If you are selected you may pick form this list of jewelry i have below

Chunk( E )y Monk( E )y
The spaz
Funk(E)y Frame ( all are posted here )

To enter leave me a comment on this blog and tell me what item you would like as your prize as well as the name for the necklace and either a way to contact you or your shop on etsy :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Keep shineing pony boy!

Hello everyone!
I hope your days are all going quite splendidly!
Today i finally got a hold of a camera that takes amazing photos and i would love t have you all check them out!

To see the rest go to

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lovely days off!!!

Today for my (drum role please) second day off this week...(GASP) I can say that i really did nothing at all but surf etsy and do other miscellaneous online things :)

First off i would like to say that i took the "Buy hand made pledge" and you all should to!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

In other news i found a very fabulous blog last night and i would just love to share it with you all!

miss indie Blog Badge

Go and take a long hard look at her blog it is really quite fantastic!

Last night i also thought up this GENIOUS idea of FCASH for my shop
It basically works like this. You purchase an item from me i store your username on a list with the amount of Fcash you have earned from your purchase and the next time you come around to purchase let me know if you would like to use your Fcash and i will lower the price of your item to the amount of Fcash you have accumulated :)

To read more about this go My Etsy shop

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Let me see your Funk(E)y Junk!!!!

Introduceing Funk(E)y Cash

I know that everyone is having a hard time now and so i would like to do my part to make very affordable things for you and your family. With this being said I am introducing a program called Funk(e)y Cash. Each item you purchase is worth a cretin amount in Funk(E)y Cash. The amount is listed at the bottom of each item. I will keep track of this by using your etsy user name or your name if you wish to give one to me. When you would like to use your Funk(E)y Cash send me a convo on the item you would like to redeem your Fcash on and i will lower the price according to your Fcash!. If you have any questions on this program please contact me.

may only get Funk(E)y cash if item was purchased
May only use on items on
Fcash will be stored under your etsy