Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh man! What sales they have!

Hey there guys!

I would love to announce the winner of last weeks poll .... Congrats on winning! Be sure to look out for an interview from her here in the next couple days!

I know its Just a little late for this but I wanted to show you some GREAT Deals i have found on etsy these past couple days!

If you like Tea and love different flavors that are soothing and great tasting... Then head on over to the Teaman's Etsy page! He has several flavors for only $1.5o. Here is one that caught my eye!

Come to MarsBar to get 50% off her entire shop with this coupon code EASTERBUNNY OR CLEAR4SPRING during purchase time.

Stop by mistleandtoe and get 35% Off Every sale AND Every sale has 5% that goes to a charity! Talk about a win win there!!!

Be sure to stop by my show for 10% off ANY item in the shop :) - Funkey Junk Designs

Stop by newhopebeading for 40% Off all sale items( these items are already marked down!) ! :) Make sure to get them before they sell out! ( SALE AND DISCONTINUED SECTION ONLY!!!)

More sales to come later next week!!!
Let me know what kind of sales you all look for and i will be on the prowl!
Hope you all have a great day!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let them Eat...CAKE!

Today at work i thought i would try to come up with some weekly topics that would make it more fun for me to write about. So while wishing i was at home i thought of these topics

SOTW ( Already happening )
Bargain Sundays- I find good shops with great deals and let you know about them
Treasury Tuesday- I get some great treasury i find of different things and post them
Random Thursdays- Could be a mix of different things coming at you!

I think thats a good start. The voting for the current SOTW is going strong. Be sure to vote for your fav. shop! You can vote for more than one shop also if you cannot chose!

A lot of people do not know that i own 2 different businesses ( Funkey junk and Sinfully Sweet by FJD ) One is on my etsy the other is my Cake shop. One day i decided that i could make them and i was going to.... So for this post im going to share with you a little bit of my cakes!

This weekend I will be doing a " Pizza cake" Photos for sure to come tomorrow night!

:) Thats it for now! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

GASP! What a comeback!!!!

Since last time i posted I admit i was yet again... busy with life... But i would like start posting at least 2 times a week.

Well since the last post a lot has started to happen for FJD including BETTER PHOTOS! A super great FANPAGE on facebook and some new and great items that have been made out of yes you guessed it Upcycled goods!. I am also holding a new giveaway contest every month on my fanpage so be sure to stop in and see what is going on!... This month is all about CLUE!

Here is a little about this contest :
Enter my March giveaway on my fan page Discussions section. If you are correct you will be entered into the drawing for the FJD prize pack that consists of

First place:
* 1- $10 Gift card to FJD Etsy shop ONLY
* 1- Custom small vase of your choice
* 1- Mystery prize (ooooo :) )

Second place:
* 1- $5 gift card to FJD Etsy shop ONLY
* 1-Mystery prize

If you are correct you get 2 entry's to the contest but if your wrong you only get one :)
There is a little list of the people places and weapons on the page as well :)

Please keep in mind that the treasury listed above is JUST LIKE CLUE. You are given clues of who it is not ... put them together and you have you answer of who what and where. EX ( It was_____ in the ________ with the _________)

ALSO Photos in treasury can represent more than 1 clue.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!
Good luck!

Treasury link for contest :

I am also going to be having a sale in my shop every month as well. This month Take 10% off ANY item in my shop with the coupon code JUNK10 :)

Go here to take advantage of this discount :

Now that i have let you all know about that! I would like to announce that i am going to start doing SOTW again. The first poll of this month should be up later tonight after i find some more willing contestants to play.

Remember that if you want to be in one of the polls be sure to watch for the POLL post asking you for your submissions.

If you dont know what SOTW is here is your answer. It stands for Shop Of The Week This is where i find some fantastic shops on etsy put them in a poll and have my blog visitors vote for them as well as their fans vote for them . Who ever wins the poll will get a post and a interview dedicated to them about there work and what ever else they feel should be known about them and their shop.

SOTW is a great way to get some great exposure for your shop and get some good networking in :)

Well that is it untill next time :)

Have a great night everyone!