Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh boy! I would like to say im sorry for taking that small break! I do really enjoy bloging and doing this. I just had 4 mini crisis that needed tending to! Alas .... i am back though.

With my return i have some new things that need to be talked about.

One of these things is the new Funk(E)y Junk Designs Ezine. I will be doing a monthly Magazine that will have all the shops of the week in it along with different things going on in the world of crafts and designs. I will be adding things such as craft fairs around the world and anything that you as a reader feel would be a great read.

I also would love to have a spot in it for shop sales. So if your having a sale next month and you want your sale to be featured.... send me a message at and i will work you in!

I also plan on having how to's on different things as well!

Along with this i am (Really this time) going to start up my Birthday club..... SO IF YOU WANT FREE STUFF OR DISCOUNTS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY..... SEND ME A E-MAIL!!! :)

I will restart the SOTW Tomorrow at least the poll part and hope to have the last interview here soon!

OK now that the new news is up and readable lets move on to my new items!
These are the first two items in my Refurbished Home Goods line. I plan on making many more things like these so keep an eye out! I have a coat rack that is soon to be put up tonight!

I also have in the works hanging Orbs.

For this weeks SOTW comments I want to hear what you want to be in the FJ Ezine and or what you think of the new items.

Thanks for sticking around guys!



  1. hi jess! love the refurbished home goods! the animal print is great!
    for your e-zine (great idea!), i enjoy seeing product reviews for hot new products. i also enjoy diy articles - the only ones i tend to get around to are the ones that involve my 3 yr old and come from parenting magazines, but i have a good stack of my own craft diys for those rainy days in 10 years when my kids let me breathe again!
    saw your post in etsy forum for your blog feature, so i'm doing a little fishing!

  2. I love the animal prints! You should have some how tos in your e-zine!

  3. these are sooo funky! Very unique! I hearted your shop on etsy as well.
    If your into jewelry and photography, pls check out my blog and etsy as well! :)