Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restarting my blog!

I started this blog about 6 months ago with hopes that i would someday have a excellent blog and shop on etsy. I for some reason forgot about this blog. I have decided to restart this blog and keep on it like i do my etsy shop! So i would love to invite you all on the little adventures i have on my days in the world and the wonderful things i find on the webbernet!

First things first ..... I would love to start out by saying thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this and because of this i am going to host a give away for march
To enter:

just fallow my blog and leave a comment on what you think of my items on etsy or here ( can be good or bad lol ) and i will enter your name into a drawing! I will be giving away a little tea light candle holder like this one off to the side!

It was found at one of my favorite places to go and find junk. After it made the long journey home it was decoupaged and made into a tea-light candle holder, however you can put just about what ever you want into this lovely jar!

In the last couple months i have learned a lot about working with trash. I have found that just about anything can be upcycled into something else! My faience thinks I'm nuts saving all this trash up and storing it in my office. However he tends to love the creations i come up with. Like this one for example:

It is made out of a gift wrap tube i just could not toss out! Glad i did not because these wallflowers have made my hallway look fabulous. A very nice etsy seller also gave me the idea of hanging them from the ceiling that idea was indeed a great one they look amazing hanging like that!

Thanks again for reading my First ( sorta....) posting for FJD keep stopping by!!!


  1. Hi there. I am following and commenting to enter the drawing. I love the tea candle holder. Your stuff is really great!

  2. I like the tea candle holders too, and the purple bracelet that's a custom order...I'd love to see more :) Just my two cents! Now following.

    aestraea [at]

  3. Hooray, I love giveaways!

    I am now following and I really like your upcycled cupid earrings!

    I am also doing a giveaway this week on my blog if you want to enter mine, too!