Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Giveaway!

Hello my lovely friends :)

Every month I'm going to be having a give away...and or several other promotions but as of today I'm sticking with a give away.
How this works:
I have a photo of a necklace and gasp!!! it has no name. How can this be! your job is to name the necklace!

now for the rules... i know... lame huh

I need the name to be something with an (E) in it even if the (E) dosen't really belong in the word.
for example: Candy- Cand(E)y
and name should be fun :)
Ok now lets get to naming!!!
oh yeah ... the important part...

If you are selected you may pick form this list of jewelry i have below

Chunk( E )y Monk( E )y
The spaz
Funk(E)y Frame ( all are posted here )

To enter leave me a comment on this blog and tell me what item you would like as your prize as well as the name for the necklace and either a way to contact you or your shop on etsy :)

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