Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Let me see your Funk(E)y Junk!!!!

Introduceing Funk(E)y Cash

I know that everyone is having a hard time now and so i would like to do my part to make very affordable things for you and your family. With this being said I am introducing a program called Funk(e)y Cash. Each item you purchase is worth a cretin amount in Funk(E)y Cash. The amount is listed at the bottom of each item. I will keep track of this by using your etsy user name or your name if you wish to give one to me. When you would like to use your Funk(E)y Cash send me a convo on the item you would like to redeem your Fcash on and i will lower the price according to your Fcash!. If you have any questions on this program please contact me.

may only get Funk(E)y cash if item was purchased
May only use on items on
Fcash will be stored under your etsy

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