Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello new week... Hello new adventures

Hello everyone!

As you all know it is that time again... Switching the blog into a new week. I know i always say this but... im very ready to have a nice simple no hassle or issues at work week ( or month!) Anyway i would like to coagulate HattStreet for winning the poll this week Expect a super interview from her this week!

I would again like to thank our last weeks SOTW for being such a fantastic shop as well as person behind the shop! She is a very amazing person whom i hope you keep checking back to!
Here is her link again


This week in Funk(E)y Junk land i have made a couple new things:

This tooth fairy jar

When i was little my mom made me a tooth fairy jar to put my teeth in. Im pretty sure this is very easy for the tooth fairy to get into when the children are light sleepers .

I also have made this Candle holder
as well as this vase.

I have decided to expand Funk(E)y Junk into two new levels. One would be a interior design service and the second will be a refurbished furniture division. I have started a napkin rack i will be posting soon.

I currently have in the works a new home goods item that i hope to have done tonight! So keep an eye out for it :D ....

But my day needs to get started... so i will see you all lovely bloggers later!


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  1. HI HATT! nice feature!

    pst you forgot me as your favourite shop...

    that's okay, I forgive you!