Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh what wonderful sunny days!

Oh wow it has been really nice out today! Last night.... another story I had thunder so loud it actually shook my apartment really bad! But anywho.... Today was a great day in general!.... I had a full day of stuff planned ( Sorry for not being able to come in to work terry! :( Next time !!!) My wonderful man James had a LONG appointment in the morning at 10. After that crazyness we got home and ate a fabulous lunch and then it was time to.... FINALLY FIX MY BREAKS! Im not the kind of girl who will just take her car to a shop and have them do it ( if you are its cool.... its just cheaper to do it yourself! 68 dollars vs.... 200) I had not fixed breaks in a car in like 5 years and today was a great refresher.... I think we spent ahaha! Good times! total of 2 hours outside fixing the breaks.... mind you it was like an hr and 1.2 on the first one because we couldn't remember what to do lol and the 2nd one a half hr! Poor me forgot to put on sun screen and now the sun gods are mad at me and burned my back! Oh well... I will heal! I feel very accomplished after that.... BUT my battery is dead LOL soooo it was kind of pointless

So after a long long attempt to make a Super creepy doll.... i have succeeded. Her name is Lucinda- The homecomming queen who died in a limo with her boyfriend before the dance. A lot of my friends think shes super adorable! I do well... because im her mommie! :D and mommies love their children haha!

I think i may indeed make more dolls and perfect my doll skills! What do you all think?

Today i revived a very wonderful email from one of the SOTW poll shops. I love knowing that my poll could bring you all sales! She informed me that she has gotten 3 sales all together from the promotion of her shop! This kind of thing is great to hear! Makes me very happy about my shops in the polls as well as justify s what i am doing! Thank you so much ChezEury for letting me know your wonderful successes!

This easter i held an Easter Egg hunt for my fellow Etsy's and friends .... I placed coads such as (222234) around my blog/twitter/etsy/and FB fanpage. Some were easy to find and others... not so easy in fact quite hard to find! Out of the players that took advantage of this game i have found the winner..... Lindi Harden! She will receive a Vase made to her liking! ( Oh gotta love custom!)

Well that is all for now my littler bloggers!

<5 Jes


  1. Oh, Wow! Thanks for mentioning my site here.. I can't thank you enough for posting this poll. I have yet another sale, and you've given my site exposure, which it dearly needs. Thanks again,

  2. Thanks, Jess, for putting my site on your poll. Though I don't think I'll win, it's nice to see I do have some people who do vote for me.

  3. Oops... I forgot to say that I'm glad I taught you how to do a break change!:)