Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another busy week!


Oh wow it has been one of those weeks where you try to get a bunch of stuff done and no matter what, something keeps stopping you from getting done what you need done. However this is the start to a new week and a whole new list of things to do!

I would like to start out by saying Congrats to helloagainvintage for winning the shop of the week poll. Be looking for an interview from this shop shortly! Their is also a new list of shops to vote for off to the side so go vote show your love! Also there are a brand new set of shops that i have hearted on etsy! Make sure you go take a peek at them!

If you all did not know i am a Interior Designer and am going back to school at AI online for my bachelors in interior. I am going to be working on my own recycled furniture line during this time and i hope to share it with you all. As of now it has been strictly accessories for your home ( my etsy shop) but lets hope for the best and see if i can expand!

Every Thursday me and my fiance go to a thrift store to get some pretty rad junk. This week i would love to announce that i am the proud new owner of a .... GIANT FORK! I am very sure he thought i was crazy when i found it and kept walking around with it! However he now loves it just as much as i do! I also picked this SWEET little vase up a couple weeks ago there :

Oh don't you just love what you can find at places like this!

As i said before this week was very busy busy week and i only got around to crafting two thing. This was made out of vodka/beer/ect. Bottle caps! Caps came from my wonderful friend at work peggy. It really makes my wall look nice and cheerful!

My other creations is another Tube creation. It is made from paper towel rolls this time!
I still have not decided if i am going to sell it yet! What do you guys think?

I think that's it for today! Next post i will be sharing with you my wonderful friends AMAZING food and tell you a little about her!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Jess


  1. I can't believe that is made with paper towel rolls! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I have another one on my etsy now! I love making them!

  3. I bought some, and they're very pretty...I'll take a picture when I can find my camera and send it to you :-)

    I give you my empathy about your car. I got rear-ended by an underage driver last winter. She bent my rear axle in half. I had to walk to work (6 miles, in Denver, in the snow) everyday for four months until I saved enough money for a new one (car insurance totaled my car at $300. Have you ever heard of replacing a car for $300?). Anyway, not fun, but I did lose 10 pounds... Best of luck getting your fixed up!

  4. Sorry, I didn't know my husband was signed in when I commented. It's Charlie @ Domestic Icing! (not Keegan)

  5. charlie-lol i had a feeling it was you lol i'm like... did i have another sale and not know it? ...

    I have had to share my fiences car for like half of a year because i really cant afford to fix it we are a little to used to having one car now... sooo i think its time to fix it .... 300 dollars... WHAT you cannot even downpay a car really with that.