Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet days off work!

It has already been an epic day for me!

In June of last year i had a small car accident. I have not had the money or the "balls" if you will to drive my car and see whats wrong with it. Well today for the first time i drove it! It even died on me once and i was still ok! This is my car now
she is just in need of some love! If anyone is from
Cinci Area and knows of a good person to take a look at my car... I would MUCH APPRECIATE IT!

Secondly today I cleaned out my faience car out!.... WOW is all i have to say for that one!...... it was the biggest mess i have ever seen a car be! However on the flip side i did find 23 dollars in change and bills in his car under seats! So score for me! yay!

---------------------------------------Shop findings----------------------------------------

now for my shop findings of the week so far! I was in a forum this past weekend and i met a very lovely lady who happens to live in the same city as me! Inset it just great when you meet people from around where you live on your etsy! Anyway she has this very neat shop full of great home things. She has no sales yet but her items are cute as can be! Her shop name is ThisOnes4theGirls.
Below are some of her awesome creations

Next, like i promised i would , like to tell you a bout my friend Martha from Martha Morsels. She does not have an etsy shop however i have gone to a craft fair with her . Also we well... work together! She is one of the best cooks/baker i have ever known. She hopes of owning her own catering business some day in the NEAR future! So let me just be her personal spokes person and say...


* She made some DELICIOUS cheese cake the other day and i was lucky enough to have some! *

--------------------------------------My new Creations----------------------------------------

I made this wall art last night. It is made from the cardboard boxes that food comes in. Banquet... mac and cheese.... you know!.... I get so tired of tossing them out when i know they have another use! Well i have found one for them not to mention the fact that the wall behind my dining room table was BARE and it needed something there to liven things up a bit!..... You can find more photos on y etsy :)

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. You must have better luck than I do. When I clean out a car, all I find is old food and sticky pennies. :)

  2. ... well... his car had TONS of old food... it was smelly in there an now i know why!

  3. what a creative little wall piece! it might look cool to cut strips of boxes and do basket weaves over some of the circles to create some more texture!