Friday, March 5, 2010

Exausting week....


Oh boy! This week has just been full of Driving, Stress and lots of WORK!.... Finally i have the night off to do what i wish ... And... I wish to blog!

To start my night out correct i have added some shops you should all check out off to the side of my blog page! Etsy is a great place to get GOOD STUFF! The shops to the side.... great places to get GOOD STUFF!!!! I did however just purchase these super buttons I plan on making into a mobile. You can get these same exact buttons at . I also found a SUPER cute little robot that I'm in love with! This seller makes some pretty cute little creations. Their the things i would love to be able to put all around my apartment if i knew my dog would not eat them! You can find this wonderful seller here : .

On Wednesday my awesome manager Terry gave me abundance of Starbucks gift cards. I'm stoked for these, like i am about getting new "trash" i can use for something else. I Plan on making a big frame with these like this one (above) that i made out of Target Gift cards! ( mind you... first attempts.... can go wrong :-( ..) So check back later this week i will post it for all you lovely's to see!....

I hate to say it... but for now.... im going to call it a night for blogging ... I haven't eating since 12 today and its defiantly dinner time least my stomach says so!


<3 Jess

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