Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Good Afternoon my Bloggers and bloggeretts!

Last night while i was making my new ( Incredibly cool) Starbucks gift card photo frame that i will indeed show you later.... I thought up this idea... Etsy shop of the week called " Funktastic sellers". Why "Funktastic" you ask... well.... I am Funk(E)y Junk and if i love your shop it must be "Funktastic!" (good enough reasoning for me lol) BUT back to the idea....

An entire post will dedicated to one of you wonderful etsy sellers.... it will consist of an interview about you and your shop, inspiration, what you do where you go to do your craft... photos whatever you feel YOU want to get out there!

I will also do a couple contests like "Best Green shop" " Best shop of the month" ect.... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check back... I will be picking the firs seller TOMORROW!

Now for my frame ..... I made this last night with the tons of Starbucks gift cards i was given from work. I Am actually impressed with how this one came out. First attempt with the one i posted in another post did not come out so fabulous. Frame is pictured below:

That's it for today!
have a great saturday!

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  1. Great interview! Love her workspace too...*drooling*