Sunday, March 28, 2010

Man o Man.... what is with these busy weeks?

These busy weeks seem to just be taking over my life!.... and all i have to say about that is EWWW... Lets see This week i had Finals for school, Food Visits at work ( SO STRESSFULL), My WONDERFUL best friend came to visit this weekend, and New Etsy shop week. Oh well... I had this weekend off for a GREAT resting time!

My mom voted on the last poll. She brought to my attention that it may be a little difficult to see the stuff on the shops because of the fact that the links are not click-able. ( I spent over an hour trying to enplane the concept of the poll to her). So because of this. I am going to list the shops with click able links. (YAY)

This week like i said.... was busy for me!.... I did manage to make these things though:

I also made another one today but i will take photos later!

So my fience Jimmy has been hard at work on this new idea of his. He has been making a RPG video game and plans on selling it in the near future. I would love for you all to check it out when he gets it done. He will be selling it for $10 a copy. When i say he has been working hard on it... i really do mean working hard on it... he comes home and works on it ... before work.... days off.... yeah... So Please when he gets it done check it out!

- Not to mention.... i have been decorating it haha!

And now i am off to do some yoga!



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  1. I think what you do, Jess, is wonderful. I especially like the things you do with a vase! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!